Route53 DNS subdomain delegation with Godaddy

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. Cloud Ops engineer needs to setup Route53 hosted zone on sub-domain, rather than migrating parent domain.

In this article, we show how you can have subdomain delegation to Route53, when your registrar is Godaddy. Following are the step-wise procedure, that you need to :

  1. Create Hosted Zone in Route53 with subdomain. Suppose we create hosted zone on parent domain as . Once we create it, you can NS and SOA record are created. Please keep note of the NS record values, we would need Nameserver values shown in NS record, while delegating sub-domain from Godaddy.

2. We create NS records in Godaddy having value of nameserver we noted above. For this we open the “DNS Manage” for the domain name on which we want to delegate subdomain( See screenshots below for your Godaddy console) . One you reach the screen where you can see “Add” for add records, you can create NS record entries with Host value is “sub”( depecting and value as of NS records note above.. In our example case, we have four nameservers, which we noted in above screen against NS record. Create four Nameserver ( or also called NS record) record in Godaddy for each nameserver noted above.

This is what you now you need to do. Once you are done, then its time for verifying whether Route53 hosted zone is working fine or not. For this create A record in Route53 with domain having value as and trying pinging it. If you are able to ping, you are done. Enjoy!!